City-wide Clean-Up Drive Thru  May 15 & 22

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Spring Cleaning?
Get ready for Dowagiac's Spring-Clean Drive-Thru. May 15 & 22.

-Closets and cupboards?  Donate all you can to a worthy cause.
-Garage?  Take hazardous waste to the Cass County Drive-Thru May 15.
-Old/sensitive documents? Take to the Cass County Council on Aging Shredding Day, May 12.
-Tires?  Take to Deerpath Recyclers Corp for just $3 each.
-Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids?  Donate the Lions Club.
- US Flags?  Drop box at Clark Family Funeral Chapel & Cremation Service.

Dowagiac Drive-Thru hours - 8 am - 2 pm, May 15 & 22
- Load your car or truck and our volunteers will unload for you.
- Don't have a truck? Partner with friends, family or a neighbor. One truck can make multiple
trips, each for a different address. Bring your ID that shows your address.
-Just moved and your ID has not been updated yet? Just bring your lease or property tax rect. that shows your address.

If you have large, heavy, metal items (like old appliances) and need assistance disposing of them: here is a list of local haulers you can contact directly for free pick-up and haul away.
John File 269.591.2368
Kathy Lawrence 269.689.4373
Brock Randall 269.414.2277
Loren Vasquez 269.782.1838
Jeremy Weinrick, Adaptable Transportation LLC 269.462.3207

Possible electronic recycling options
Call before you go – Check the acceptance of items and any potential fees.

Sustainable Recycling – 30750 Edwards St., Dowagiac, MI
Green Earth Electronics Recycling, 4200 Niles Rd. St. Joseph, MI
Best Buy, 6502 Grape Rd. Mishawaka, IN
Staples, 1143 Ireland Rd. South Bend, IN

As we take items into our home, we also need to be responsible in how we dispose of them.  We hope these tips will help make it easier to do so.

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