Brush, Leaf & Christmas Trees

Crews will collect brush/branches and leaves/grass.

EFFECTIVE April 1st through October 21st, 2022, City crews will canvas each ward for the curbside collection of brush/branches and leaves/grass clippings according to the following schedule:

  • Ward #1 residents on the first Monday of the month
  • Ward #2 residents on the second Monday of the month
  • Ward #3 residents on the third Monday of the month
                                          WARD MAP

Material for collection needs to be placed curbside prior to 7:00 AM on each Monday.  


  • Limbs must be less than 8" in diameter and less than 5' in length, neatly stacked. Small limbs, branches and twigs must be placed in a container (bags, boxes or cans). No stumps or root-balls will be picked up.  The city reserves the right to exclude from pick-up brush piles which are extraordinary in size or volume or brush piles from contractor removals.
  • Grass clippings and leaves can be bagged, boxed, canned, or neatly piled curbside for the leaf vac.   Be sure to separate out limbs and twigs.  To avoid any confusion between a trash can and a lawn waste can - Please clearly mark the container or use clear or paper lawn/leaf bags. 
  • Containers will be emptied by the City's crew onto the truck and returned curbside to be re-used or properly disposed of by the resident.
  • Materials for pick-up must be placed behind the curb – not in the street.
  • No building materials, machined lumber, root-balls, stones, trash, garbage, litter, or fecal material will be accepted or removed.

Violations will be cited in accordance with the city's blight ordinance.