Dowagiac Woods

In the spring, nature lovers trek to Dowagiac Woods, known statewide for its spectacular display of wild flowers. The Michigan nature Association calls it the largest woodland of virgin soil in Michigan. Never plowed, planted or grazed, it retains its original natural diversity, as it illustrates how forests looked when the first settlers arrived.

Dowagiac Woods harbors more than 400 different plants and wildflowers. A variety of plants and trees, some marked by signs, can be seen along the 1.5-mile main trail. The preserve is home to 45 varieties of trees and 49 species of nesting birds. Members of the Michigan Nature Association have logged more than 400 different plants in the woods.

Dowagiac Woods is open year-round, free of charge.
To get there from Dowagiac, take M-62 West to Sink Road. Turn south and travel one mile to Frost Road. Turn east and drive one mile to the preserve.

Dowagiac woods 2