Housing Incentive Program

241 S. Front Street P.O. Box 430 Dowagiac, MI 49047

The fillable application can be found by clicking here.

Funds are distributed as available to City residents from the Housing Incentive Program. This program is available to all owners of one-two family residential dwellings, including rental properties. 

This program is for exterior improvements only, such as painting, siding, roofing, windows etc. It does not include new construction such as new homes and garages, sidewalk replacement, landscaping and fences.

In addition, the program allows for an incentive of 20% of the cost to remove a dead or diseased tree up to $500.00 with a maximum of three (3) trees removed per lot.

An award of between $50.00 and $750.00 (not including tree removal) may be given, depending on the total project cost and overall exterior improvement. The awards are not dispersed until the entire project is completed. The award is intended to reward residents for improving the exterior of the property. Generally the maximum award of $750.00 is issued for complete residing, painting, and other major exterior repairs.

The following guidelines have been compiled to assist in the Housing Application process:

1. The application is obtained from the Building Department. The application must be completed in its entirety and must be submitted before work is completed. If you have a contractor quote, please attach it to the application. Some projects may require that a building permit be obtained in accordance with the State Building Code. Each property is eligible for a maximum of $750.00 per fiscal year. (You may submit multiple projects for each property, the combined total of awards for all projects may not exceed $750.00 in any fiscal year).

2. The completed application must be returned to the Building Department so that it can be placed on the Design Review Committee agenda. The committee meets once per month as necessary, and you will be notified about one week in advance of the meeting.

3. All projects must be completed within 12 months of the Design Review meeting. Once the project is completed, contact the Building Department at 269/782-8427 to arrange for the necessary incentive inspection. Once approval from both the Design Review Committee and the Building Department has been issued, the award monies will be dispersed. This usually takes about 2 weeks from inspection approval date.

Property Owner:

Mailing Address:


Project Address:

Estimated project cost for materials:
Estimated project cost for labor:

If more than one project, attach to your application a cost breakdown and/or a contractor’s quote for your project.

The project will involve the:


Work description:

Project start date:

Estimated completion date:

Do you wish to have the Design Review Committee network with you and an architect to provide you with a color rendering of possible design concepts for your home/building?

Are you working with your own architect? 

If yes, please provide their name and a copy of the project design.