Frequently Asked Questions about Property Assessments

I just received a Notice of Assessment that has "THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL" on it. What is it and what does this mean?

What is the Board of Review and what does it do?

I recently purchased a home. Why isn't my assessed value one-half of what I paid for the property?

Why can't current real estate listings be used when determining the value of my home for assessment purposes?

Are financial institution sales used in the sales study?

How do I calculate an approximate amount of annual property tax dollars for a property?

How often is my property evaluated?

This page is an abbreviated explanation of a very complex issue.

The articles you read in the newspapers and the reports you hear in the news are national and/or metropolitan reports that cover a very large area. It is the duty of the Assessor to closely monitor and analyze the sales that take place in their city or township so that assessments represent the market activity of that specific jurisdiction. If you have any questions and/or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your local assessor. 

You may also go to the State of Michigan’s web site: