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    • Cass County Water System (CCWS)  

      Beginning Monday, May 16, The City of Dowagiac water and Veolia crews will be performing strategic hydrant flushing for the CCWS. 

      During this time, customers may experience lower than normal pressure, and may observe some discoloration in the water at their home.  This maintenance will only affect CCWS customers.

      In the event of discolored water, the City recommends residents flush their incoming line
             Run outdoor spigots or the first bathtub fixture, in the home, connected to the public water supply
             Run cold water for 15 minutes, or until the water runs clear
             In some cases, it may take multiple attempts and/or running water for a longer period to clear 

      Avoid washing laundry until your lines have been flushed. (Depending on timing, and use, flushing of the water heater may also be required)

      Please be assured that the water color does not pose any public health concerns, it is only aesthetic, caused by sentiment in the mains that is stirred up due to the flushing.