Hydrant Flushing    May 13-17

Spring time maintenance.

Crews will be flushing hydrant lines next week.

During this time, customers may experience lower than normal pressure, and may observe some discoloration in the water at their home.

If you experience any water discoloration - run outdoor spigots or the COLD water, at the bathtub, closest to your incoming water line, for 5-10 min. If color persists, wait 5 minutes and repeat.

Avoid laundry until your water runs clear.  This will prevent any sediment from settling in your water heater or getting to your clothes.

Just like you check your smoke detector batteries every year - take this opportunity to clean out your aerators. That is the round, screw-on screen inside your water faucets. Just twist them off, empty any sediment from the screen, and replace.