New Payment Protection Assistance.

Payment Plan — You have the right to enter into a payment plan with the City of Dowagiac for an amount that is not in dispute and you are unable to pay in full.

Winter Shut Off Protection — During the heating season November 1-March 31st, the City of Dowagiac will postpone shutoff if you are an eligible low-income customer that enters into a winter protection plan and provides documentation that you are actively seeking emergency assistance from an energy assistance program. The plan consists of 2 options:

Two (2) additional 10-day extensions or,

Enter into a 7% winter protection payment plan with the City of Dowagiac

Medical Emergency — You can postpone the shutoff of service if you inform and provide documentation to the City of Dowagiac of a medical emergency that exists at your residence.

Senior Citizen — If you are a senior citizen (65 years or older), you are provided with shut off protection in both the heating season and the cooling season.

Senior Citizens — Help us Help you:

If you are 65 years or older, please contact the City of Dowagiac Utilities  Department, so that we can update your account.

Military Personnel — If you are in the military, you are provided with shut off protection pursuant to MCL 460.9c.

Payment Assistance — The Southwest Michigan United Way 211 may be contacted by City of Dowagiac utility customers by dialing 1-800-563-5432. This agency may be able to direct you to programs for financial assistance and other social programs such as utilities, food and other basic services.

For additional information, forms and payment agreements, please contact the City Utility Department at 269/782-2195 Monday – Friday 8:30am -5:00pm