Department Overview

The Dowagiac Police Department realizes the importance of community involvement and participation to accomplish its mission, which is to enforce the law and create an environment of safety and security for all of the people who live, work and visit in the City of Dowagiac.  The department is committed to forging partnerships with all facets of the community and enhancing our services through this collaboration.

Current Strength

The Dowagiac Police Department has a current strength of fifteen sworn officers, one civilian administrative assistant and three crossing guards.  There are currently eight officers assigned to the patrol division that work 12-hour shifts supplemented by one part time officer and five reserve officers to fill voids in the shifts created by vacation, sick and personal days.  There are always two officers on duty in the patrol division 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The department has three detectives assigned to the Cass County Drug Enforcement Team, or CCDET.  The department also has a K9, Cessy.

Director of Public Safety                                                Patrol Officers

Steven L. Grinnewald                                                        Jerid Ostrom

                                                                                          Kasey Robbins

Deputy Police Chief                                                        Thorn Lewis

David Toxopeus                                                                 Ryan Maggert

Shift Sergeants                                                                 

Dan Wiggins                                                                       

David Davis                                                                       Part Time

School Resource Officer                                                Richard Newcomer

Ryan Murray                                                                       


                                                                                             James Stevens

Detective Sergeant                                                             Ryan Laylin

                                                                                             Tracy Fry

Detectives                                                                           Joe Wheeler

Matt Behnke                                                                        

Jason Rutkowske                                                            Clerical Staff

                                                                                         Michelle Outlaw (Administrative Assistant)

K-9 Unit                                                                            School Crossing Guards

Kevin Roman (Handler)                                                    Sally Bridges

                                                                                          Sandra Greenman



List of Services

The department offers many services to the citizens of Dowagiac.  The depatment strives for innovation and is continually searching for new ways to enhance service to the public.

  • Child Car Seat Technician
  • RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Instructor
  • Drunken Driving/Teen Alcohol Use Presentations
  • Drug Identification/Information Presentations
  • Vacation Property Inspections
  • Crime Prevention Inspections For Both Home and Business
  • Bicycle Safety Presentations
  • K-9 Presentations
  • Crime Scene Technician Presentations
  • CERT (Community Emergency Resonse Team) Available
  • Workplace Violence Presentation
  • Traffic Safety Presentations

Community Events

The department also participates in several events to connect with the community.  The department is based on community involvement and welcomes the chance to work with the people of Dowagiac.  Highlighted below are some of the events that the Dowagiac Police Department either hosts or participates in:

  • Public Safety Display at Summer In The City Event
  • Cass County Safe Kids Car Seat Event
  • Award Winning Traffic Safety Program
  • Camp 911 Safe Kids Day
  • CSI Academy
  • Special Events Planning
  • Smores Booth at Ice Time Festival
  • Kids Easter Eggstravaganza
  • Halloween Trunk or Treat
  • Shop With A Cop

Collaborative Partnerships

The Dowagiac Police Department also partners with other law enforcement agencies within Cass County on several projects to keep the community safe.  The department has three detectives assigned to the Cass County Drug Enforcement Team, or CCDET.  CCDET is a street level narcotics enforcement team that is made up of officers from the Dowagiac Police Department and Cass County Sheriffs Office.  These officers work together to rid the streets of drugs and drug dealers who threaten the safety and security of our community by their actions.

The Dowagiac Police Department has three officers that are assigned to the Cass County Warant Service Team.  This team is made up of officers from the Dowagiac Police Department and the Cass County Sheriffs Office.  The warrant service team is a tactical team that is called into action to serve search and arrest warrants throughout Cass County.

Collaborative partnerships with the following organizations are crucial to the day to day safety efforts as well as emergency preparedness organization and planning for potential large scale emergency events.

  • Cass County Emergency Management Office
  • Cass County HAM Radio Operators
  • Cass County CERT Program
  • Cass County COA
  • Dowagiac Union Schools
  • Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital
  • Dowagiac Chamber of Commerce
  • Dowagiac Housing Commission

The City of Dowagiac and Cass County enjoy a history of exemplary collaboration to create a network of resources for community safety, security, and enhanced quality of life issues.


The Dowagiac Police Department has a long and proud tradition of service to the citizens of Dowagiac dating back 150+ years.  Dowagiac was granted its status as a village in 1857, with the police department being formed in 1860.  The first Police Chief of Dowagiac was Peter Hannan who served several terms as chief since it was an elected position in those days.

Dowagiac has had several people as Police Chief in its history, however the exact number is not known.  The most notable Chief of Police was George Grady, who served that role from 1965 to 1974.  Chief Grady is the first African American to serve as a Police Chief in the State of Michigan.  The current Chief of Police, now called Director of Public Safety, is Steven Grinnewald, replacing Tom Atkinson.

In 2009, the Dowagiac Police Department underwent an administrative transformation from a traditional police department to a public safety department.  Chief Atkinson was promoted to the newly formed Director of Public Safety position and served till 2013, in which he retired.  The now acting Director of Public Saftey is Steve Grinnewald. The Dowagiac Police and Fire Departments both operate as seperate departments, however each department is led by the Director of Public Safety.

Through the years, the Dowagiac Police Department has always stood for pride, integrity, and justice.  This tradition of excellence continues to this day.

Contact Information

To obtain copies of police or accident reports, you may contact the administrative assistant Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  A written FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request is required for all police reports and a response to the request will be given within five business days beginning the day after the request is made.  The cost for a police report is $.50 each for the first two pages and $.25 for subsequent pages.  The cost for an accident report is $4.00 and the cost for fingerprints is $10.00.

Address:                                                                         Telephone Numbers:

241 S. Front Street                                                           Administration: (269) 782-9743

Dowagiac, MI 49047                                                         After Hours: (269) 782-6689

                                                                                          Fax Number: (269) 782-3210

Additional contact information can be found by clicking here.  For an employement application click here.

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